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Critical Times is a complete, full-length novel serialized via this blog. This means that the entire content of the book will be available on this site for free. If you're like me, though, you'd prefer to own the content as a book and enjoy it away from your computer, which is why I have decided to also provide Critical Times as a downloadable eBook. Here are the options:

Click here to purchase via (either as a digital download or a printed paperback)

Free options:
Click here to download the .epub version (for iBooks, Apple devices, and Android devices)
Click here to download the .mobi version (for Amazon's Kindle)
Click here to download the .pdf version (best for computers)

(Right click and choose "save as" or "download as" if left-clicking doesn't work)

Crafting this novel was a huge undertaking involving over a year of planning, writing, struggling for a few months through writer's block, and, of course, editing. Though I'm more than happy to offer both the content on this blog and the eBook free of charge, I ask my readers to consider the option of making a small donation.

Thank you, and happy reading!

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  1. Awesome reading, I'm already looking forward to #4! I ordered 3 hard copies for friends in care homes and one homebound, that kept asking when #3 is coming. (They'll be thrilled) I'll try to keep all the books moving on to new readers. I love pondering on possibilities that your vivid imagination have awakened in me. Thank you!!